Does your deodorant stink?

What sort of deodorant do you use? Do you go for the commercial ones off the supermarket shelf? Or opt for natural ones without nasties? Depending on what you choose, some deodorants, although they might seem to be doing the job, may actually be causing you more harm than good. Here we share the ‘PITfalls’ of going commercial and give you a ‘No Pong’ solution.

So many women and men are still choosing commercial deodorants for two main reasons: the convenience (well, it is just easier to throw it in the trolley when doing the weekly shop) and they know they can count on it! In other words, they know the ‘all guns a blazing’, full of chemical deodorants (or let’s say questionable ingredient deodorants) will do the job and avoid any embarrassing situations! You might have tried going natural but they just don’t cut the mustard, not to mention they can be expensive!

The biggest issue that really stinks when it comes to using commercial products is the big A – Aluminium. It is typically found only in antiperspirants. But it’s a metal people. You wouldn’t swallow metal, so we reckon it’s also best not to risk putting it on your body where it can be absorbed and potentially cause more harm than good. The list of ingredients in many commercial deodorant products goes on and on, so the team at Body in Line thought there had to be better alternatives. The search was on…

After trying tea tree, crystal, all kinds of aluminium-free, lemon myrtle, herbal wonders, and ones that sounded like a mocktail; we discovered ‘No Pong’!

No Pong is the creation of an Australian couple and is made from organic ingredients. It’s a paste (not a stick, roll-on or spray) which comes in a cute little tin, providing 12-hour protection against odours. It actually creates an environment once applied where armpit bacteria can’t survive, so you literally don’t pong! Brilliant!

Once we discovered No Pong we put the product to the test! Our instructors put the No Pong deodorant through its paces – class after class, up close and personal with our clients in all sort of wonderful poses and stretches. The result – no turned up noses, no embarrassing, I can’t wait to get away from you moments, but a smell-free armpit that stood up to our physically demanding day in the studio. And now, we love the product so much that we stock it for the convenience of our clients. Please don’t get the wrong message here – we are not trying to tell you that you are on the nose! We just wanted to share this find with you and pass on a healthier, more effective and economical solution.

There’s a standard formula along with a bi-carb free version for those with more sensitive armpits. The standard retails for only $xx and the sensitive formula for $xx! We find it lasts us well over a month and it doesn’t wash off when we jump into the surf for a swim after a class or if you sweat; because it’s water resistant too.

Ask any of us about No Pong at the Studio if you have any questions, but we seriously love the product and think you will too.


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