Can Pilates help with rehabilitation?

Yes, it sure can! Pilates is beneficial whether you want to prevent injuries or speed up your recovery post injury. It gets to the core of the issue, ie strengthening the centre of your body (your core) to make you more resistant to injury in the first place. Posture, balance, flexibility and tone can all be improved by strengthening the core. In fact, Pilates really is the core king of rehab.

One of the main reasons why Pilates is so effective in rehab is that your exercise program can be designed to be challenging, without putting unnecessary pressure on the area of injury. The combination of flexibility and low-impact exercise make Pilates an excellent rehabilitation method to restore balance and strengthen the muscles. 

How many times have you heard about someone with an injury cause more damage through exercise, further slowing down the healing and recovery process? The beauty with Pilates is that it is tailored to your specific needs. If you’ve had an injury it can affect how you perform; your movements may be limited and very quickly your fitness level will start to decrease. All these factors make it harder to recover and get back on top of things. 

Pilates has proven to be extremely beneficial in treating all types of injury, whether it was sustained through sport or a simple mishap in everyday life. By working with a qualified Pilates instructor, you have a personal coach by your side overseeing your exercise regime, making sure your program is right for you.  

If you swim or go to the gym, Pilates will actually complement your existing program, as it trains the body to be more efficient and more balanced in movement. You’ll achieve greater body awareness through various Pilates training techniques, and experience proper posture, without placing stress on your muscles and joints.

In addition, as the body ages, it is also naturally more susceptible to injury. Whether you exercise regularly or don’t at all, to safeguard you from future mobility issues, make Pilates part of your life now. It is an excellent way for you to improve balance, maintain and increase your mobility in a guided environment, and it’s adaptable to your individual needs. 

If you’ve ever visited a rehabilitation unit at a hospital, you’ll see a lot of elderly people recovering from falls and injuries. It is often poor mobility that has contributed to the injury which then goes on to hamper their recovery. 

Get along to a Pilates studio that has proper equipment with trained instructors who can design a program tailored for you, just like the team here at Body In Line. It will be one of the best investments you can make for your future. Become someone that has agility and good posture, and become a stronger and more flexible you through Pilates.  


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