Providing studio, mat and barre classes for individuals and groups of all ages and fitness levels

What we offer

Studio Classes

The Studio classes use Pilates equipment with springs and pulleys to assist with movements to challenge you, as you get stronger. These sessions are tailored specifically to individual needs such as achieving general fitness, cross-training or rehabilitation. We work on postural alignment, core control, strength and flexibility.

All sessions are conducted in our fully equipped Pilates Studio. We offer private (1:1), Duet (2:1) or semi-private (4:1) classes. 

We recommend starting with an initial consultation before commencing a studio class.

Our approach to whole body wellness is personalised and looks at the needs of each unique individual. If you do have rehabilitation needs or goals that require specific attention, it is important that we understand your individual requirements to help you get the most out of your session.

Book a Studio Class or Initiation Consultation today! 

Group Mat Classes

We offer small group classes at our fully equipped studio in Gerringong and at the 
St Luke’s Church Hall in Berry.

These classes are designed to strengthen and stretch your whole body, using your body and a small roller apparatus to assist and challenge you with each exercise. Mat classes incorporate Pilates exercises, functional fascial training, bone density and mindful movement exercises. They are suitable for people of all ages and abilities from beginners to the experienced.

Our Practitioners focus on providing you with a welcoming, safe and nurturing space. We therefore keep the class sizes small so Practitioners can assist individuals and you have space to enjoy your Pilates practice.

Mat classes are not recommended to individuals with an existing injury unless cleared by the instructor. If you have an existing injury, here’s how you can get started

Places fill quickly, so book into a class from our weekly schedule

Private sessions can be provided in the comfort of your own home, holiday accommodation or at our fully equipped studio in Gerringong. If you are interested in a private session, please call us on 0402 278 257.

Barre Classes

These classes are a complete body workout combining ballet barre conditioning, yoga and pilates. They are designed to tone your entire body, creating longer and leaner muscles using the ballet barre and a combination of hand weights, resistance bands and the pilates ball.

Pilates Barre classes are not recommended to individuals with an injury unless cleared by the instructor. If you have an existing injury, here’s how you can get started

Class sizes are small so places fill quickly, book into a class from our weekly schedule

Private Groups and Corporate Classes and Workshops

Are you heading to the south coast to enjoy a weekend away with family or friends? Or is your team looking for a fun, healthy and nurturing activity that all can engage in?

We can offer tailored classes and workshops for private groups at our studio in Gerringong, or if there’s a suitable space, we can come to your holiday home or workplace and bring along mats and resources for a private class.

Enquire at or call us on 0402 278 257.

Initial Consultation

Book an initial consultation prior to attending one of our classes. This is a one-hour private session to assess your posture, movement quality and understand your personal exercise, flexibility and fitness goals. We take you through the foundations of the Pilates Method so you start to understand your alignment and what areas we need to focus on.

Contact us on 0402 278 257 or enquire at to book your private consultation.

Pilates for Kids - BACK SOON!

We are excited to have added Kids Pilates classes to our schedule, as well as offering workshops for kids in the School Holidays. 

Our Kids Pilates classes incorporate the core principles of Pilates while providing a fun, challenging and inclusive environment for kids to enjoy. 

These classes aim to:

  • Improve Balance and Co-ordination
  • Develop good posture from a young age
  • Improve core strength and flexibility
  • Reduce risk of overuse injuries from sport

Book your child into a class from our
weekly schedule

What our clients are saying

Since starting Pilates I have noticed the following are easier: Looking over my shoulder when changing lanes; clipping and painting toenails; everything in the bathroom; getting down on the reformer without using the stopper to keep it out from the bar; doing up my joggers and putting socks on.
SM, Oak Flats