Improving posture, flexibility, strength and tone

Pilates with Body in Line

At Body In Line we teach various Pilates methods to improve your overall wellbeing.

Ask yourself if you would you like to live a more balanced and healthier life; improve your posture, be more flexible, tone your body or improve your bone density. These are just some of the positives you can achieve through Pilates.

Pilates practice involves a series of exercises that places concentration on your core muscles (abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and back). We believe that developing a strong core will improve your balance and coordination as well as help you perform other types of exercises and sports with greater ease. In doing so, you will decrease the likelihood of injury in the future.

We also specialise in rehabilitation for pre and post operation, pre and post natal, back pain and postural alignment and awareness.

We use specially designed Pilates equipment and traditional mat work that integrates BlackRoll Functional training, the Franklin Method and Barre exercises to move and strengthen your body to achieve greater lasting results. We are confident you will see and feel the difference in a short space of time.

We aim to teach our clients self-sufficiency to understand their own bodies, develop their own awareness and improve posture. This promotes greater muscle strengthening and efficiency to prevent and look after injuries.

What our clients are saying

“I have been a client since the birth of my 4th child. After 4 pregnancies and c-sections, my body was struggling and I was suffering daily with back issues and generally muscle fatigue and pain. I have experienced a massive improvement in my overall symptoms and posture since working with Amy!”
CS, Sydney